Home security in general has become much more important to all of us now.
So it won’t surprise you to learn that we take your security very seriously indeed and that our products reflect this commitment.

Standards-compliant components

We use the best quality British made locking systems, steel reinforcement, hinges, and hinge guards to give you the superior edge of security. Don’t just take our word for it, our windows are independently tested by the British Standards Institute to BS7950 (improved security). Also to BS7412 (materials, construction, security, safety, weather tightness, operation and strength performance). Our doors are also endorsed by the Official Police Security Initiative, and the Neighbourhood watch.High quality British-made products

Most of the components used by our competitors are sourced from China. Although they often look the same on day one, some have been known to corrode and break down in as little as six months. Here in Cornwall it is especially important to get a product that will be durable to the amount of salt in the air that we have. Our windows are made from British-made, high quality marine-grade components, with up to 25 years anti-corrosion. They are built to give you worry free performance beyond you ten year guarantee. Do not accept second best!