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The DO’s & DONT’S


  • Frequently wash the pvc frames with warm soapy water (use a mild liquid general purpose cleaner) and wipe dry.
  • In corrosive environment areas (near swimming pools, coastal, industrial etc) the frequency must be increased to reflect local conditions, and to ensure there is not a build up of corrosive deposits.
  • Use only a purpose-made cream cleaner for isolated stubborn stains on white pvc. Apply with a damp cloth using minimal pressure.
  • Always ensure visible drainage slots are unblocked.


  • Use glass cleaner on pvc frames.
  • Use excessive pressure when cleaning pvc frames, to avoid scouring the surface of the pvc finish.
  • Use any types of bleach or solvent (white spirit, methylated spirits and nail varnish remover) when cleaning pvc frames.
  • Use sharp edges or metallic tools.
  • Use abrasives or brass cleaner on furniture (handles, doorknockers, letter plates etc.)

and finally…

According to the Glass and Glazing Federation cleaning of the glass units is recommended at least twice a year, using any household non–abrasive glass cleaner or in the case of specially-treated glass, the manufacturer’s specified cleaner. A solution of warm soapy water should be used on any leaded glass surface, taking care not to disturb any glass stick-ons/bevels.