Energy Efficiency

Here at Dawes and Windows we understand the growing importance of energy efficiency. Double glazing is a big factor of making a home more efficient, that is why we have ensured we can provide the very best energy efficient product available.

Window Energy Ratings (WER) were launched in march 2004 by the British Fenestration Ratings Council, an independent government-recognised body established to develop and Administer a system of window energy ratings in the UK.

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Energy Saving

WER’s purpose is to provide a simple method of demonstrating which windows are most energy efficient, using a simple A-G scale – A for most energy efficient and G for least efficient. These same labels pioneered on electrical white goods – fridges etc. 

  • A BFRC rating and energy label apply to a whole window ‑ frame and glass.
  • They do not apply to either the frame or glass individually.
  • All of Our windows and doors are recommended by The Energy Saving Trust.
  • As standard most of our products are ‘A’ rated.