Building Control


Important information regarding your guarantee
Customers purchasing from us between 1/11/10 and 19/7/16

  • During this period, Dawes & Windows Ltd were members of The Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS).
  • Part of the benefits of the scheme was the DGCOS insurance-backed guarantee which became active in the unlikely event that we ceased trading. This was part of their so-called piece of mind pack provided to you and paid for by us.
  • Many of you will already have received letters explaining that the insurance company ‘Enterprise’ that DGCOS placed the policies with has gone into liquidation.
  • Firstly, let us set your mind at ease. This does not affect the 10-year guarantee on retail contracts that you have with us. If you have service issues your first point of contact is to us. As long as the product has been properly maintained in accordance with the maintenance booklet issued with every installation this should be free of charge.
  • We are trying to apply pressure on DGCOS to place insurance with a new insurance company for the remaining duration of your guarantee. We believe it has a duty of care to you the end user and us the fee-paying customer.
  • We have subsequently cancelled our membership with DGCOS because we feel they have acted poorly in their choice of insurance provider and have so far dealt with the matter unsatisfactorily and unprofessionally.
  • Please keep your current certificates of Insurance until further notice.
  • We will keep you updated to any progress we make with DGCOS on the replacement of Enterprise insurance policies.

New installations

  • All new installations will now be provided with QANW insurance-backed guarantees.