Vertical Slider Windows


The classic heritage style sash window, originally made with timber and heavy weights attached by cords and pulleys. Most commonly seen in old Georgian/Edwardian properties, loved for the thin timber joint rail between the top and lower pane. Unfortunately, traditionally known for being draughty and rattly. Painting and maintenance made them a real labour of love for some and a real pain for others. The PVC-u modern replacement vertical slider has all the great looks of the originals but without the maintenance previously mentioned. The heavy weights and cords replaced by modern spring balances which hold the sash wherever you leave it. Other great new features like limit stops that when activated restrict the window travel to approx. 100mm. This can be set to stop young children from accidental falls or from opportunist thieves from gaining entry whilst still providing ventilation. Available in a variety of heritage coloured foil or the standard classic white.   

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